Repetitive Strain injury Prevention Seminars

It's Time to Invest in Your Workplace Health

Musculoskeletal Injuries, also know as Soft Tissue Injuries, can be attributed to hazards in the workplace. These hazards include forceful exertions, repetitive movements and awkward and/or sustained postures.  
Soft Tissue Injuries (or STIs) can be serious and disabling for employees. STIs are also the number one type of lost-time injury in most workplaces, resulting in direct and indirect costs for employers. 
The STI Prevention seminar’s main purpose is educating employees on the risks of soft tissue injury and strategies to minimize these risks. A visual and auditory presentation, this seminar usually takes about 1.5 hours and covers types of soft tissue injuries, risk factors, and proper ergonomic supports.
We also do remote seminars to accommodate needs and circumstances. Looking for an easy lunch and learn seminar for your employees, it can be just a click away!