Onsite Office Ergonomic Assessment

What Level of Onsite Office Ergonomic Assessment Do I Need?

Level 1 – Walk Through. A basic ergonomic process to ensure proper positioning at workstation(s) using adjustments to already provided equipment and education to employees about posture, repetition, duration, and force risk factors. About 1/2 hour to complete per person.

Level 2 – Intermediate Ergonomic Assessment. Recommended for somebody not comfortable with current set-up or is concerned that risk factors are present with current workstation set-up. Consists of processes involved in Level 1 assessment but with more thorough analysis. Usually less than 1 hour to complete per person and may or may not accompany with a report.

Level 3 – Recommended for somebody experiencing discomfort. Involves a detailed Ergonomic Assessment including a detailed report. Steps in this level 3 assessment process include:

    • Assessing the problem(s), which includes: a brief interview followed by task observation, desk measurements, and anthropometric measurements.
    • Educating the worker on ergonomic principals and appropriate stretching.
    • Making necessary on site changes/recommendations.
    • Reviewing equipment needs, if any, and appropriate use of same.
    • An assessment report (3-4 pages) is completed and forwarded to the worker and employer.  The report will identify what was done by the therapist during the visit, further action plans for the worker, action plans for the employer, and any recommended equipment or furniture (which will include suppliers of where to obtain the equipment).