User Centred / Inclusive Design

We Specialize in Workplace Inclusion

  • Work is complex and dependent on the unique characteristic of the person, the environment, and the task(s). Occupational Therapy is a therapeutic process of maximizing a person’s function in their environment using grounded theory in Person-Environment-Occupation scientific models.
  • Jason Dalton, owner of, has over 20 years experience as an occupational therapist working primarily in the area of vocational rehabilitation. He is currently the co-founder and chair of the Universal Design Network of Canada which consists of multiple knowledge domains on the board including architects, ergonomists, occupational therapists, and persons with lived experience.
  • Using knowledge of ergonomics / human factors with a disability lens, and using workplace accommodation tools such as physical demands analysis, return to work programs, accessibility audits, functional assessments, and assistive technology, we can help bridge the “gap” between the job and the person.